iOS 15 now allows UPI payments through Camera app- Here's how

iOS 15 now allows UPI payments through Camera app- Here's how

 Apple's iOS 15 has been in talks regarding its new features which are just countless, and here comes a new one especially for Indian users, now you can Scan UPI codes through Camera app and choose UPI apps to make payments and also can set as default, isn't this feature great...

So iPhone users received the iOS 15 update on 20th September, and from then its been like a whole week only of  iOS 15 features, everyday there is either new features or bugs but this feature is like essential feature, Currently Indians are quite dependent on Online payment apps A lot and I mean it, like nearly every shop had UPI codes hanging outside their store. So this new feature from Apple really comes in handy. You just need to open the Camera app and scan the code and then a window popups from botton to choose the payment app, its just that easy. If you don't get it below are detailed steps...

How to make UPI payments in iOS 15

To make UPI payments via the main camera app in iOS 15, go through the following steps:

  • Go to Settings, head to Camera, and scroll down to find the ‘Scan QR codes’ option. Toggle it on.
  • Once switched on, open the default camera app and point it to a relevant UPI QR code.
  • Once the code is scanned, users will find a popup right below the scanned code, with the name of the last used UPI app mentioned.
  • Tap on the name of the app, and tap ‘Open’ in the next screen that asks you to grant permission for the Camera app to open the UPI app.
  • Follow the usual subsequent steps that you generally do to complete the UPI payment

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