Google Pixel is close to launch that it seems

There's a lot going on with Pixel 6 series especially after the launch of the iPhone 13 series. Few days back Pixel 6 series was spotted on FCC site for certification confirming WiFi 6E and UWB chip, and then recently the hands on video also got viral. And this tweet from Mrwhosetheboss who says he is blown away with camera but its not iPhone...

So does this mean that Google already shipped the Pixel phones to tech reviewers. Although this seems too much but remember when MKBHD mentioned that he saw the Pixel 6 series camera and it had way better cameras than the iPhone 12 and the Video capabilities were awful so there's nothing wrong to guess then...

Still no news so scheduled event by Google but here's a image shared by Telstra which is supposed to be advertisement of Pixel 6 and suggests the date to be 19th October

Google Pixel is close to launch than it seems

But this seems to be too far if tech reviewers already got the Pixel 6 smartphones, The launch might be early as this month or in the first week of October... Still stay tuned in for more news on Pixel 6 series...

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