Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy F62 received July 2021 patch update

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy F62 received July 2021 patch update

 Samsung spins the Galaxy S20 FE, or “Fan Edition”, as a model that offers all the features that fans care most about in a more affordable package. As the prices of flagship phones have skyrocketed to well over ₹1,00,000 over the past few years, the “flagship killer” segment at around ₹40,000 to ₹50,000 has become more and more important. Rather than let competitors such as OnePlus and Xiaomi eat its lunch, the Korean giant has decided to fight back with a watered-down version of the Galaxy S20.

Samsung’s mid-range device called Galaxy S20 FE 5G variant and Galaxy F62 is now catching the latest July 2021 security patch update. However, the July 2021 security patch was recently released for the Galaxy S21, the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Galaxy A52 and more along with the One UI 3.1.

Samsung stated that the July 2021 update brings fixes for 41 CVEs from Google and 8 SVEs from Samsung in order to enhance the device’s stability and security against threats. For Galaxy F62 – it’s not just a security update as the changelog mentions improvements for the Camera function as well while this update for S20 FE only updated latest security patches.

As per the report, this software update carries firmware version E625FDDU1AUG1 (India) for Galaxy F62 and G780GXXU1AUG2 (Europe, including the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Poland, the Nordic region, and a few others) for Galaxy S20 FE.

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