OnePlus won’t sell the base model OnePlus 9 Pro in the US and Canada


OnePlus won’t sell the base model OnePlus 9 Pro in the US and Canada

The OnePlus 9 series was released earlier this year, with two models for most regions: the cheaper OnePlus 9, and the pricier OnePlus 9 Pro with an upgraded camera array and (slightly) larger screen. However, the entry-level OnePlus 9 Pro was continuously delayed, leaving anyone looking for a sub-$1,000 OnePlus phone to buy the non-Pro model. Now the company has confirmed the base OnePlus 9 Pro will never be available in the United States and Canada.

OnePlus planned to sell two variations of the OnePlus 9 Pro: one with 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage for $969, and one with 12GB RAM and 256GB of storage for $1,069.99. The latter model has been available for months, but the entry-level phone never showed up for sale in North America. OnePlus said in April that the model was still going to appear at some point, but now those plans have seemingly fallen through.

Speaking to Android Police, OnePlus said “unforeseen supply constraints specific to North American devices” are to blame.

OnePlus didn’t provide additional details about the supply constraints, but it’s likely related to the global semiconductor ship shortage, which is affecting the entire tech industry. However, OnePlus is seemingly able to manufacture the higher-end OnePlus 9 Pro for the US and Canada with no problems. 

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